Upcoming FREE Event: Beyond McMindfulness: Social Mindfulness and Expansive Leadership- May 6, Noon Eastern

After millennia as spiritual practice in the commons, mindfulness has caught the imagination of the contemporary world as a secular personal development tool including in large private sector corporations. This movement is also accompanied by an increasingly strident critique against the appropriation of traditional knowledge such as mindfulness to serve a mindlessly exploitative capitalist economy. How can we decolonize, decapitalize and demystify mindfulness?  How can we advance social justice aims through mindfulness?  Register here…

The panelists will:

 • discuss research related to mindfulness, dignity, identity and expansive mental models that are essential for advancing social justice. 
• share their personal journeys in this space and how they apply mindfulness in their professional practice and personal lives.
• share information on mindfulness initiatives at the New School incorporating student voices

Participants will have the opportunity to participate in experiential exercises in mindfulness.


• Cotter Christian, IDEC Associate Dean, School Of Constructed Environments, Assistant Professor Of Interior Design at the Parsons School Of Design at The New School

• Ram Mahalingam, Director of the Barger Leadership Institute and the Barger Leadership Institute Professor at the Psychology Department at the University of Michigan.

• Latha Poonamallee, Associate Professor of Management and Social Innovation & Chair of Management Programs at The New School

 Vicky Oliver, MFA in Creative Writing ’22

• Genesis Abreu, MS in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management ’22

• Lina Alvarez, MS in Strategic Design and Management ’22

• Pernilla Hamrén

• Jamie Parganos, MS in Nonprofit Management ’22

Register for this FREE event here.

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