Book Project Update

Managing for Social Justice: Harnessing Management Theory and Practice for Collective Well-Being – Book update

Editors: Latha Poonamallee, Anita Howard & Simy Joy

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

The goal of the book is to curate and share knowledge on cutting edge, critical, and generative approaches to management scholarship, teaching, and practice that is focused on social justice, inclusion, equity, and environmental sustainability and go beyond the business school, the for-profit corporation, profit maximization, and managerialist agendas.

Table of Contents

Poonamallee, et.alDeveloping a Theoretical Framework to Manage for Social Justice
Ria Sinha, from charity to justice: A recasting of the role of philanthropic organizations in the Indian context
Tamara StennHow entrepreneurship program structure and pedagogue support motivation and activation of entrepreneurial mindsets in neurodiverse student entrepreneurs.
Pamela LeeExperiential Learning for the MBA: Career Preparation for Nontraditional Students
Tom KohntoppSustainability Leadership: Current Perspective and Future Adaptation
Mies de KoningCharging Collective Ability; Rethinking the Power of Action Learning for Inclusive Organizations
Deniz OzturkFrom liminality to inclusion: Cooperatives as catalysts for refugee women’s identity work
Conrad WalkerLong walk to community development: Centering organizations, organizing, and organizational fields in neighborhood and community development praxis
Katie FongThe Interrogatory Imperative: Hope & Persistence from 20 Years of Interrogating Whiteness in OD
Carrie Neal, Anthony Meyers, and Katie FongDe-neutralizing the Organizational Assessment Canon: Framing EDI, Power, and Identity to Advance Sustainable Change
Dr. Bryce AdamsSocial Exclusion and Socioeconomic Inequalities of Black STEM Workers: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Dr.Minu Zachariah & Dr.A.Satya NandiniWork Place Transformation in India: Transgender Inclusion
Udyan Dar & Susan CaseDecolonizing Management in the Emerging Economies: A Nandian Perspective
Afsal Najeeb, Mohammed Shahid AbdullaBalancing Commerce and Conviction: Emerging Business Models for News Media
Shaswat huklaSocial Justice : A Micro Policy Perspective
Akhil & PoonamalleeTechnological Revolution and Evolution of management models in the COVID-19 Era: A Social Justice View
Joy, for Social Justice: A Call for Action
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